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What are windows all about?
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She said for looking out;

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I said for looking in;

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I asked, with a wondering grin,

grin2.gif (1148 bytes)
What she saw from inside;

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Unhesitating, she replied,

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"I see the works some shining knight

knight2.gif (12279 bytes)
Has done to fill my life with light:
bulb_anm.gif (9584 bytes)
A castle wall with sturdy gates
gate_swing_md_wht.gif (12198 bytes)
Keeping out life’s fears and hates,
castledragon.gif (23361 bytes)
A palace garden all arrayed
flowers_on_vine_e0.gif (39416 bytes)
With splendid scenes his hands have made—

animpick.gif (2573 bytes)
A million treats out there abide

mowing.gif (50357 bytes)

That make me glad I live inside."

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Finishing, she turned to me,
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"Looking in, what do you see?"

eyesroll.gif (2751 bytes)
Said I, "A warm and cozy nest,

birdnest_eggs_wiggling_md_wht.gif (7441 bytes)
A hearth with caring surely blest,
fire.gif (5113 bytes)
Walls that ring with laughter’s sound,

Mouthhah.gif (5792 bytes)
Rooms where joys, not woes, abound,

smline2.gif (3923 bytes)
A welcome place where best friends live,

2harts.gif (11549 bytes)
An atmosphere most positive,

skipy.gif (972 bytes)skipitrip.gif (2101 bytes)skipy.gif (972 bytes)
Love and hope and family;

heart.gif (4940 bytes)
The crucible of better worlds to be;

earth2.gif (10689 bytes)
But best of all, to be true,

rdpsmileheartani_e0.gif (11115 bytes)
I see happiness; I see you."

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                                                                     2000 J. G. Braddock Sr.


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