No matter whether you lost or you won,
When the game at last is over, itís done;
You canít replay the run or rerun the play; 
You canít add to the score or from it take away;
You can blush in shame or try to pass the blame,
But numbers on the score board will stay the same;
In a given game you get only one shot,
So play it to win and give it all youíve got.

As in menís games, when life is over, itís done,
And an eternity in Hell or Heaven is begun;
But life is not measured the same as in menís games,
In innings or quarters or chukkers or frames,
Nor do we score with our rituals and creeds,
But by a faith in Christ we translate into deeds,
And each He will record on His great score board,
The Lambís Book of Life, with Heaven as reward.

    ©2009 J. G. Braddock Sr.              

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