The Victory of Jesus

The outlook wasnít brilliant for the Christians on that day;

The devil was used to winning, and so often had his way;

Peter had denied Him; Pilateís judgment had been passed;

And now the whole of Christendom was taken back aghast;

The verdict against Jesus had now been laid to rest,

And not a great deal of hope could be found in the human breast;

If only our precious Jesus would raise that powerful hand,

He could strike down mighty Satan and his demonic band,

But a plan preceded Jesus, one of heavenly cause,

And Jesus followed it carefully, without a hint of pause;

So upon that stricken multitude, grim melancholy sat,

And soon a crown of prickly thorns would serve as Jesusí hat;

But Jesus knew it best, to the wonderment of all,

And Satan, yes, the much despised, was headed for a fall;

Before the dust would settle, and men saw what occurred,

Jesus would prove this Satan, to be the most absurd;

Once before from 5000 hungry throats had risen a mighty yell;

It rumbled through the valleys, it rattled in the dell;

They gathered on the mountainside, yes, food had been their wish,

And Jesus filled their hungry mouths with five loaves and two small fish;

Jesus did so many things unknown to common man;

Many saw His miracles, which were a part of His plan,

Yet His plight on earth, inspired by His Father up above,

Was to fill this place, Godís green earth, with His embracing love;

We take pride in Jesusí manner as He bore up to His cross,

And only those who dared to doubt, would think that all was lost,

For Jesus sought fulfillment in His stay upon this earth;

It was laid out from the beginning, from the time of Jesusí birth;

So many lives His life had touched, in each and every way;

He set the perfect example, in this His earthly stay;

A sneer was on the devilís lip, his teeth were clenched in hate,

And now he felt heíd keep mankind from reaching heavenís gate;

The Roman held the hammer and spike, heíd swing a horrid blow;

The spike would pierce, the spear would thrust, from Jesus life would flow;

Somewhere in a heavenly place, the sun is shining bright;

Angelís harps are playing and somewhere hearts are light;

And somewhere men are laughing and somewhere children shout,

For there is great joy in the heart of man, mighty Satan has struck out.


©2008 Rusty Davis

Charleston, SC

Email: Rusty