By three books all through life I have been led;
Two I have watched and the third I have read;
None of the words of the third would be true
Were not they all confirmed by the first two;
Creation was the first book that I saw;
From babyhood it has filled me with awe;
Even as a child, it occurred to me
That this world didn’t just happen to be
But with intelligence, it was designed,
And for the benefit of all mankind,
By some being invisible above
Who for us here below has a great love

Once I had learned this, I began to look
At Humanity, the second book,
Much differently than I had before,
Not so much as their being rich or poor,
Nor in trophies or titles they possess,
But in their wealth of peace and happiness
And compassion they show to fellow men,
Regardless of speech or color of skin,
And learned that those who possessed selfless love,
All worshiped this unseen being above,
Who they called “God,” and they had but one aim:
To all the world His saving grace proclaim.

So when at last one day I read the third,
A book called the Bible, my heart was stirred
Because it told in each chapter and verse
Of the Creator of the Universe—
The One Creation’s book revealed to me,
The One of the book of Humanity—
And how in His image He made mankind
And set us over all He had designed;
And sadly, it told how we disobeyed
His laws, and death was the price to be paid;
But then it told of His amazing grace
In sending His Son to die in our place.

©2009    J. G. Braddock Sr.

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