I know this guy
Who richly is blessed,
And I donít know why,
Yet I can attest
That he receives more
Than most folks I know
From Heavenís rich store
In unending flow.

This same old guy
Would like to be good
And live his life by
The Book as he should;
But poorly he tries,
And surely heíll fail
When Satanís dart flies
His soul to assail.

In fact, this guy,
This same one so blessed
Is living a lie,
For he has transgressed
With feeble restraint
The laws that God gave;
Instead of a saint,
Heís more like a knave.

I know this guy,
And know him so well,   
That easily I
Can truthfully tell
He is a disgrace
In how he behaves,
For weíre face to face
Every time he shaves.


                                                        ©2007 J. G. Braddock Sr.

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