There’s not much like in love any more,
Not near as much as in days of yore;
Today’s courters are too much self-lovers
To see worthwhile qualities in others
That lie beneath the skin, such as gratitude,
Faithfulness, a never-say-die attitude,
Cheerfulness, a passion for living,
Innocence, a spirit quick in forgiving,
Graciousness, humility, God fearing,
And countless other traits that are endearing.

All too often romantic reactions
Are nothing more than physical attractions,
And modern relationships seem to be never
Intended to be something to last forever,
Just something here today and gone tomorrow,
And parting is met with little sorrow
Or guilt or real remorse in neglecting
The welfare of those they are most affecting—
Children—who have to take what they’re handed
And spend the rest of their lives branded
As products of broken marriages,
One of mankind’s grossest miscarriages
Of Heaven’s greatest contribution
To human happiness—family—the first institution
Ordained by God, mankind’s Creator;
And the lowest common denominator
On which is built any successful society
Is not the individual, it is the family,
And none can honestly deny our nation
Arose to greatness on the firm foundation
Of home as the primary place of teaching,
With the disciplining and beseeching
Of parents in instilling values eternal
In their children while eschewing those infernal,
And training them to walk, to the best of their ability,
Through life upright and in all humility,
To care for the down-trodden and needy,
To never for worldly treasures be greedy,
To always strive to be a good neighbor,
To put whole-heart into every labor,
To be reliable and self-reliant,
To never against authority be defiant,
And impressing on them that it’s the inner
Self, not the outer, that makes one a winner,
That moral backbone stands up to tough circumstances,
Whether they are of health or emotions or finances.

But success in life is no longer measured
By values that so long were treasured
But by opinions of TV personalities
And examples set by celebrities;
And all too often life shaping choices
Are based on advice of worldly voices; 

Our nation’s values have become distorted
When unborn babies being aborted,
When the removal of all traces
Of the Cross and prayer in public places,
And when same-sex marriages
Are not considered miscarriages
Of God’s rightful expectation
Of the people of this nation
He favored with His good pleasure
And chose to bless beyond measure,
A nation that now has gone astray
And moved ourselves far away
From the Source of our every blessing
With our unrepentant transgressing
Of laws which for our own good He gave us,
With our rejecting of His Son He sent to save us,
With our ever increasing blindness
To his tender mercies and loving kindness,
With our almost non-existent gratitude,
And with our prevalent Who-Needs-God attitude. 

Consequently, because of our rejection
Of Him, we’ve removed ourselves from His protection,
And now, without Him, our foundation is crumbling;
Is it too late before down we come tumbling
To repent and regain His good favor
And know once more his blessings’ savor?
Only if we can successfully restore
Family fully to what it was before
With prayer and the Bible at its center,
And with them make God our mentor.

© 2009 J. G. Braddock Sr.

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