It isn’t hard for me to search
For reasons why I love the Church—
Not the building in which we sit,
But believers who meet in it—
My heart is full of reasons why,
And day by day they multiply;
I cannot name them all, in view
Of this small space, but here’s a few.

I love it for my fellow saints,
Who in loving have no restraints
In reaching out in fellowship
With ready smiles and friendship’s grip
And in their manifesting care
Through helping hands and instant prayer
Sent Heavenward to intercede
When fellow members are in need.

I love it for its unity;
While the world around seems to be
Torn asunder with wars and strife
And broken families are rife,
Its kindred hearts together meet
To taste anew the pleasure sweet
Of worshipping in one accord
The Prince of Peace, our sovereign Lord.




©2009 J. G. Braddock Sr.
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I love it because of the worth
Christ gives through it to saints on earth
In allowing us to fulfill,
In obedience to His will,
His tasks in the World in His stead:
Visit those on afflictions bed,
Clothe the naked one, feed the poor,
And proclaim Him from door to door.

I love it for the hope it brings
In proclaiming the King of Kings
To men of every race and creed
By witnessing through word and deed
Of how in sin mankind was lost
Without a way to pay its cost,
And how God drew salvation’s plan
And by His Son sent it to man.

If  I had, for church-loving bliss,
Just one reason, and it were this:
Christ loved the church and for it died
And chose it for his earthly bride,
The greatest marriage man has known,
Which made us with Him flesh and bone;
What better reason could I know
To cause my heart to overflow?