The biggest, sweetest raindrops of all
In showers of blessings that on us fall,
Are folks besides our families who,
As special friends, prove themselves true;
Friends who speak our name in their every prayer,
Beseeching for us Heavenís best care;
Friends who always know the right things to say
To ease hurts and heartaches that come our way;
Friends who our faults and failings fail to see,
But view us as we would like to be;
Friends who stick with us through thick and thin
As if we were one of their closest kin;
Friends who let us know when we go astray
But never in a condemning way;
Friends with whom we always feel at ease
Because they never make themselves hard to please;
Friends with whom we can scratch each otherís back
And compensate for one anotherís lack;
Friends who on us also depend
To be their special raindrop friend.

©2013 J. G. Braddock Sr.

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