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1997 J. G. Braddock Sr.

Although I saw a lot of worlds

earth5.gif (21416 bytes)

In eyes of lots of other girls

eyes1.gif (7511 bytes)

And found them all a joy to see,

smile2-1_e0.gif (1799 bytes)

I never saw a world for me

earth4.gif (20962 bytes)

Until, to my surprise,

surprize.gif (7785 bytes)

You came along with heart aglow

heart.gif (4940 bytes)

And I saw in your eyes

Eye-12.gif (6993 bytes)

The only world I want to know.

Earth-19.gif (26571 bytes)


The world of finance bids to some,

falling_bills_md_wht.gif (7713 bytes)

While many hear adventure's drum;

Drums2.gif (9472 bytes)

And some pursue their world in sports;

soccerplayer_bouncing_ball_md_wht.gif (12240 bytes)

And to a few, from distant ports,

palmtree.gif (8488 bytes)

The world of travel cries;

travel.gif (15005 bytes)

But other worlds have lost their glow

globicon.gif (3197 bytes)

Since I found in your eyes

eyes14.gif (14565 bytes)

The only world I want to know.

Earth-18.gif (7316 bytes)


I seek no world of wealth untold

Coin-06.gif (8512 bytes)

—My treasure isn't weighed in gold;

Treasure-01.gif (8491 bytes)

Nor do I hide a vain desire

evilguy_e0.gif (4539 bytes)

To set some world in life afire,

flame11.gif (8245 bytes)

Like many other guys;

Walk-03.gif (6892 bytes)

I'm quite content with status quo

statusquo2.gif (1224 bytes)

For I see in your eyes

eyes2.gif (17723 bytes)

The only world I want to know.

earth6.gif (8565 bytes)


The world of politics shall claim

politics.gif (4747 bytes)

Its favored few to touch with fame;

fame2.gif (32792 bytes)

And some shall dare to join the race

biker.gif (7611 bytes)

To conquer worlds in outer space

planet.gif (1252 bytes)

Beyond earth's azure skies;

space_shuttle_launch_md_wht.gif (6334 bytes)

My universe lies here below;

starryba.gif (8134 bytes)

I see it in your eyes,

ANIeyesA2.gif (3119 bytes)

This only world I want to know.

earth9.gif (17874 bytes)


I've always measured life's success

tape_measure.gif (16795 bytes)

In terms of love and happiness

hearts_md_wht.gif (7595 bytes)

And having one with whom to share

hotztotz_e0.gif (9324 bytes)

The hopes and dreams for which we care;

couple_e0.gif (8454 bytes)

You are this one I prize;

Trophy-01.gif (4518 bytes)

You cause my cup to overflow

tea_steaming_md_wht.gif (9380 bytes)

And I see in your eyes

winkingeyesdv.gif (874 bytes)

The only world I want to know.

earthshine.gif (64058 bytes)

life_anm.gif (14421 bytes)

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