Were an odd couple, odd as odd can be,
Exact opposites, Valerie and me;
We are living proof of a well known fact
That even in love, opposites attract;
Im not a neatnik and never have been;
She keeps everything as neat as a pin;
My disorderliness is a disgrace;
Nothing of hers is ever out of place;
I scatter my clothes all over the floor;
She hangs all hers inside the closet door;
I slouch around like a Neanderthal;
With perfect posture she stands straight and tall;
I leave crumbs on the table when we eat;
She leaves around her plate tidy and neat;

I sleep until she has to drag me out;
By sunup each day shes up and about.

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By Inspiration Only

Though were an odd couple, we gladly boast
That we are not odd in what matters most;
Though we are as opposite as can be,
I madly love her; she madly loves me;
Though an odd couple, our hearts intertwine
I cry on her shoulder, she cries on mine
I make her smile when she has cause to frown;
She lifts me up whenever I am down;
She leans on me, and on her I depend;
Im her bosom buddy; shes my best friend;
Some think we wont last as an unmatched pair,
But were too much in love to really care
What others may think and what they might say;
Though an odd couple, our loves here to stay;
Besides, how boring our marriage would be
If I were like her and she was like me.
                                            J. G. Braddock Sr.