I've got the joy of salvation filling up my heart
And overflowing into my attitude;
It fills me with fervor to ever gladly impart
The Reason for the ecstasy of my mood.

Since in me the Holy Spirit took up residence,
My woes and my worries have all taken flight;
This matchless joy took their place, and as a consequence,
I now see all creation by Heaven’s light.

It radiates through contentment shining on my face;
It is ever with me in my daily walk;
It gives to me the kind of smiles the world can't erase;
It’s effect on me is heard in how I talk.

It saturates my senses and permeates my will;
It makes me view all mankind through loving eyes;
Infecting others with its cause is my greatest thrill;
To the human soul there is no greater prize.

It gives me a peace surpassing all I’ve ever known;
I no longer shudder at the thought of death;
It fills my lips with hymns of praise aimed at Heaven’s throne
And my heart with gratitude for life's every breath.

c2003 J. G. Braddock Sr.

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