Mr. President, about our flag--
The one for which you show scant respect,
As if it were just a colored rag,
A trait one would not expect
From the leader of this great land--
There are some truths you need to learn
To help you better understand
Why fervently our passions burn
For this star-spangled piece of cloth
And count it worthy of our troth:

Our flag is meant to symbolize
America, Godís perfect prize
For loving freedom more than life
With fervor tried in toil and strife
While pausing not to count the price
That calls for awesome sacrifice.

Our flag is meant to eulogize
Her patriots before our eyes,
Those selfless souls who dreamed and planned
And prayed and toiled to mold this land,
Who fought to make and keep it free,
And every child of liberty.

Our flag is meant to dramatize
The heights to which mankind can rise
In making dreams reality,
In lifting up humanity,
In reaching out with loving care,
While breathing freedoms precious air.

Our flag is meant to advertise
To all who seek our landís demise
That we who hold our colors high
Are trembling not, but shall reply
With all our might when foes assail,
And with Godís help, we shall prevail.

Our flag is meant to solemnize
The stirred emotions that arise
From zealous hearts that swell inside,
No, not with arrogance and pride,
But with a thanks that makes us lift
Our praise to God for freedomís gift.

©2010 J. G. Braddock Sr.


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