It is often said,
ďThe pen is mightier
than the sword,Ē
and most men concur,
which is saying a lot,
for great is the toll
the blade has scored
in maimed and dead
and gore
and blood outpoured
in its appointed role
in times of war;
but the pen,
though mightier than the sword,
definitely is not,
the mightiest weapon of men;
a greater toll
has been the score,
perhaps not in human life,
but in grief to the soul,
by words uttered through menís lips
that cut like a knife
and pierce like darts
and sting like whips
to stir up strife
and split families
and sever fellowships
and break hearts
and foment discord
and divide loyalties;
No, not the pen,
nor the sword,
nor even the lips,
are to blame;
the hearts of Godless men,
in which is stored
ill will,
easily lay claim
to the award,
for woes which from them spill;
lips are only tools
of the hearts of fools,
in which Christís light
has not been allowed
to shine away sinís blight,
and the blood He spilt
in a flood outpoured
to wash away menís guilt
and set their hearts aright
has been ignored
or disavowed.

©2009 J. G. Braddock Sr.

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