The foot said to the eye,
“I wish you’d tell me why
I have to bear the load
Each step along life’s road
While you ride high in style,
Enjoying every mile.”

The Eye said to the heart,
“You have the better part,
Down in that cozy place,
And never have to face
The sunlight’s blinding glare
Or cinders in the air.”

The heart said to the hand,
“I’ll never understand
Why you can fold in rest
While, deep within this breast,
I never get to pause,
Regardless of the cause.”

The hand said to the brain,
“Why should your bidding reign,
For all your splendid dreams
And all your fancy schemes
And all your noble creeds
Need me to make them deeds?”

The brain said to the hair,
“It really isn’t fair
That folks should pamper you
With combs and egg shampoo;
In spite of all my sense,
I’ve never had a rinse.”

The hair said to the lung,
“It makes me come unstrung
To see your vital chore
While mine is nothing more
Than lying here each day
Until I’m gone or gray.”

The lung said to the knee,
“How happy I would be
To swap my place with you
And be a swinger, too:
This job of pumping air
Can be a dull affair.”

The knee said to the toe,
“No matter where you go,
You never do a thing
As to the foot you cling
While I’ am sorely tried
And bent with every stride.”

The toe said to the nose,
“You get to smell the rose
And don’t know how it feels
To run around with heels,
Nor do you live with feet
Whose odor is no treat.”

The nose said to the foot,
“I wish I were not put
Where eyes, unceasingly,
Are looking down on me;
You always have more fun;
I wish that I could run.”

No matter who you ask,
We find another’s task
More suiting to our pride--
We’re never satisfied
In using to our best
The gifts with which we’re blessed.

If each of us could see
That we were made to be
But members of a whole
And share a sacred goal
With God’s redeeming Son,
Perhaps we’d strive as one.
©1999 J. G. Braddock Sr.

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