The authors of the fantasy called "Evolution" wrote that man evolved from monkeys. If we did in fact evolve, why not from dogs. As anyone who has ever owned one knows, of all animals, we most nearly resemble dogs in temperament. Observing the several I’ve owned inspired the following tribute:


A dog will stay a man’s best friend
  through fortune and through woe;
No matter where life’s road may bend,
  he’ll follow where you go;
When health is gone and friends have flown
  and wealth has turned to rust,
Your faithful dog, and he alone,
  will not betray your trust;
A brute, a thief, a drunken sot,
  a man who lives in shame—
To him, your station matters not,
  he’ll love you just the same;
He’ll lick the hand that shuns his care,
  the hand that flails him sore,
Then thrill to feel it rub his hair,
  and never ask for more;
He’ll hark the lips that curse his hide,
  the lips that scold and blame,
Then gladly show he’s satisfied
  to hear them call his name;
When danger lurks before your eyes,
  he’ll never hesitate
Nor count his life to great a prize
  to keep you from harm’s gate;
Folks say his brain is much too small
  for him to be too smart,
But, O that mankind, one and all,
  could match his size in heart;
If we could love with love unfeigned
  and give our loyalty
Without a thought of favors gained,
  how grand this world would be.
               1970  J. G Braddock, Sr.

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