Jack is no jack-of-all-trades, it is true,
But he is master of more than a few,
Probably more than the average guy can claim,
For with tools, he can put a lot of us to shame.

  Knowing that God made man in his image is true.
Jack is ever striving to be creative too;
And knowing half-done things are never right;
He does everything with all of his might.

He uses a hammer and saw and ruler and drill
With the exacting precision of a sculptor’s skill
To fashion wood with flawless expertise
Into masterpiece after masterpiece.
Making things grow is something he knows all about;
His thumb is so green he could make a broom stick sprout;
At growing Japanese dwarf trees, he has a knack;
He is so good with them, they call him Bonsai Jack.
A fishin’ magician, he uses as a wand,
Rod and reel to mesmerize every fish in the pond
To willingly come and take a bite of his bait
And gladly become a meal on his dinner plate.

When it comes to cooking, he’s nobody’s slouch,
As the guys at the church will quickly vouch;
Each time a men’s class fish fry is underway,
His hushpuppies make their taste buds shout hooray
Last but not least, he excels as good company
Because Gloria has polished his personality
By giving him reasons to always smile
In their walk together through life’s every mile.