ďLoveĒ has almost become a useless word;
Some of its modern meanings are absurd;
It doesnít mean anymore
What it used to mean before,

So Iíll avoid using it to convey
How I feel about you; instead Iíll say
In other words that ring true:
Iím madly in like with you.

I madly like the splendor of your smile,
The way your eyes never cease to beguile,
The tenderness of your heart,
The matchless grace you impart,
Your voice that plays symphonies in my ear,
Virtues you possess that I count so dear,
How you are a dream come true;
Iím madly in like with you.

And I madly like the way you like me;
It is as madly as madly can be;
I madly like how you show
Just how deep your feelings go;
And I would be mad not to madly like
The way you treat me as your lucky strike
And make all my dreams come true;
Iím madly in like with you.

  J. G. Braddock Sr.


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