Superlatives are feeble words
   for best describing you;
You're lovelier than loveliest
   and truer than true blue;
You're fairer than the reddest rose
   and warmer than rare wine;
On Richter's scale of one to ten,
   you measure ninety-nine;
Your eyes out sparkle morning dew;
   your smile outshines the sun;
Where radiance has reached its peak,
   your glow has just begun;
In magnitude of excellence,
   you come before first-class;
Perfection at its ultimate,
   you easily surpass.

I've worn Roget's thesaurus out
   in search of adjectives
That I can use to truly show
   the joy your presence gives;
Vivacious sounds to dull to tell
   how full of life you are;
Exquisite in its truest sense
   falls short of you by far;
Refreshing doesn't near depict
   the girl behind your smile;
And elegant seems commonplace
   beside your regal style;
Exciting doesn't well convey
   how thrilling you can be;
And priceless fails to measure up
   to what you mean to me.

I find that Webster's unabridged
   is little help at all
In finding fitting words to say
   how hard you made me fall;
My heart becomes a dynamo
   whenever you're in sight;
The rate at which it palpitates
   exceeds the speed of light;
The love it generates for you
   could light the Milky Way;
The warmth it radiates could melt
   the Arctic in a day;
The cloud I'm on because of you
   is higher than the sky;
I'd swim the sea at your command
   and never question why.

2009 J. G. Braddock Sr.

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