It seems more and more folks are X'ing Christ out, not only whenever they write the name of the day we celebrate His birthday, but also from their hearts and minds, forgetting from Whom the Blood of grace flows.

by J. G. Braddock Sr.

Wise men by camel traveled far
To seek a child beneath a star;
Although He was a gift of love
To all mankind from God above,
They found him not in hearts of men,
But in the stable of an inn.


“Good news has spread in years gone by,
And hearts of men have changed”, thought I,
“And, surely, now the whole world knows
Of how He died and then arose,”
So in this season of His birth,
I sought Him in men's works on earth.


I looked for Him on TV screens,
In greeting cards and magazines,
In roof-top shows and lawn displays,
In tinseled trees and dashing sleighs,
In windows of the market place,
But saw Him not, no, not a trace.


I searched for Him through candy canes,
Through dimpled dolls and model trains,
Through stockings hung by firesides bright,
Through Santas red and snowmen white,
Through all the products of man's wit,
But found Him not, no, not a whit.


Expectantly I turned my ear
To Yuletide sounds in hopes I'd hear
His name arise from every tongue
In praises spoke and carols sung;
Though Christmas songs of men abound,
I heard it not, no, not a sound.

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"Where is the baby Christ?" I cried,
"This gift from God we crucified?''
My question to earth's heedless crowd
Was answered with a question loud:
"The baby Christ? And who is he?
It's all for the economy!"


No wonder Earth is torn with strife,
With wars at every turn of life;
No wonder streets are filled with crime,
With fear prevailing all the time;
Until there's room for Him within,
There'll be no peace on Earth for men.

Our Christmas wish to you and yours is that He is not X'ed out of your hearts and minds, not only for this holiday season, but for every season of the year for He is


Valerie and Jerry Braddock
Charleston, SC

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