I want Your autograph, Lord;
Write it in the blood You poured
Out for me on Calvary ;
Inscribe it indelibly
To remind me Whose I am,
Lest my walk becomes a sham;
Use letters, Lord, hot and bold,
Lest my fervor waxes cold;
Write it on my every part,
Especially on my heart,
So that I may be like You
In all I think, say, and do;
On my feet that they not stray
From Your narrow path away;
On my face to make it glow
With joy You cause me to know;
On my lips so that they seek
To please You in all they speak;
On my hands that they not tire
Of performing Your desire;
On my eyes that they not be
Charmed by the World’s vanity;
Lord, keep me from Hell’s great wrath;
Sign on me your autograph.

© 2008 J. G. Braddock Sr.

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