Iím thankful most for all of those
     Iíve known along the way
Who crossed my path, who touched my life,
      who left a brighter day . . .
My wife, the truly better half,
      our sons and daughters too,
Their patience, love and staunch supportó
      the wells from which I drew.
For caring parents, long at rest,
      who somehow still seem near,
And kinfolks held in high regard
      some marked for sainthood here . . .
For cherished friends whose loyalty
      all normal bounds exceeded . . .
The wise Iíve known whose counsel sought
      whenever help was needed.
For those with whom I served in life,
      whatever the endeavor,
Who teamed up, toiled and turned it out,
      my gratitude forever . . .
For characters who broke the mold,
      those diamonds in the rough,
And gutsy souls who stayed the course
      when others cried, ďEnough!Ē
Itís these with whom God graced my life,
      who brought such joy to living,
Not things through work or chance possessed,
      deserving of thanksgiving.
For these I lift my voice in song,
      my debt to them, no measure . . .
On whom I dwell when giving thanks . . .
      for in them lies my treasure.
  ©1991 R. J Bolchoz