Before we walk this aisle to say I do,
Here are some words I want to say to you,
Words that come from the very heart of me
About the guy I always want to be:
I want to be the guy you dream about,
The guy you wouldn’t want to live without,
The guy who causes you to walk on air,
The guy whose name is in your every prayer
The guy who is the apple of your eye,
The guy who without, you couldn’t get by,
The guy who in our castle reigns as king,
The guy who is to you your everything,
And more than just a husband to a wife,
I want to be the center of your life.


I have more to say before I’m through
About the guy I want to be for you,
I want to be the guy who makes your days
All richly wonderful in countless ways,
The guy who makes you glad but never blue,
The guy who makes your wildest dreams come true,
The guy who keeps your world spinning around,
The guy who makes your happiness abound,
The guy who always keeps your life serene,
The guy whose castle has you as its queen,
And much more than your being just my wife,
I want you for the center of my life;
This is the guy I want to be for you,
Not for awhile but for our whole lives through.

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