There’s no such thing as an effective running back
Who, while pursuing a hopeful touchdown track,
Sets his eyes on tacklers swarming on every side
And worries that one or more will break his stride
And bring him crashing to the ground to end the play,
Or even worse, cause him to fumble the ball away.
No, an effective back sets heart and mind and soul
And eyes on one thing and one thing only, the goal.
Nor is there a Christian who serves effectively
Who, while on the road to a sure eternity,
Sets his eyes on fears and doubts on every side,
Or trusts in his own strength when sorely tried,
Or troubles himself with this world’s woes and cares,
Or fumbles away his faith to temptation’s snares;
No, an effective Christian sets heart and mind and soul
And eyes on Eternity with Christ, a matchless goal.


©2009    J. G. Braddock Sr.

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