Most folks know how to bellyache;
From some, few thanks are ever earned;
A smile would cause someís lips to break;
These kind of things Sam never learned.
There are precious few folks like Sam:
He was always up and never down;
He was a better man than I am,
For he never learned how to frown.
Sam never failed to have a smile
In spite of discomforts and pain;
Whining was not part of his style,
For he never learned to complain.

No matter what came Samís way
He was always in a thankful mood
And counted his blessings every day;
He never learned ingratitude.

Why was Sam such a happy guy,
Both on the outside and within?
There are only two reasons why:
His faith in God and Marilyn.

4/13/1935 - 3/15/2014