Suddenly and unexpectedly, many of America's financial plans are failing. There is one financial plan, a centuries old one, that has never failed and will never fail those who invest their faith in it.





The most effective financial plan
Available to mortal man
Can be summed up in one word—tithe,
For all who follow it shall thrive;
When to this plan faith is applied,
God opens Heaven’s windows wide
His endless blessings to dispense
In reward for obedience.

He, in His mysterious ways,
Performs miracles that amaze
With the other ninety percent
To make the tither’s lot content,
For there is an adage sublime
That has proven true through all time:
“Man can’t out-give God;” He supplied
The priceless Gift we crucified.

He did not institute the Plan
To punish or encumber man,
Nor does He seek, by ruse or stealth,
To take our feeble, fleeting wealth;
He needs not what our hands have made;
His Hands the universe arrayed;
He claims all atoms as His own;
All providence flows from His throne.

No, not our wealth does He desire,
But hearts that for Him are afire
And seek not goods that rot or rust,
But in Him put their hope and trust
And hunger not for bread alone,
But for each word from Heaven’s throne
To better serve His greater Plan:
The salvation of sinful man.

To all who follow not His plan
But trust in those devised by man,
God declares, “You’ve stolen from me;
Withholding tithes is robbery.”
Because they lack a faith that’s real,
Not only from God do they steal,
They rob themselves of wealth untold
Far greater than what they withhold.

           ©2003 J. G. Braddock Sr.

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