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The Web Page of Patricia Carolynn Braddock Youngs

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This is a page from an article about an invention my father made that improved dog racing. It is from an old issue of Popular Mechanics Magazine. As a 17 year old, I am holding two of the racing dogs in the middle picture. popm.gif (69371 bytes)

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patbut.jpg (21070 bytes) I love horses much more than dogs, especially my favorite horse, Buttons. This is a picture of Buttons showing off in front of the camera.


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But more than dogs or horses or anything else, I love my family, especilly my grandchildren. This is two of the little angels, Eric and Ciara, choldren of my daughter Liz. grands.jpg (18811 bytes)

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This is "Jake" Russell Raymond  III. b. 4 Mar 2003. He's adorable. And he is happy in the loving arms of his mother, Liz. I'm hoping he will like the horses. His g-grandfather was supposed to be quite an old cowboy. So, perhaps it will be genetic.

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This is a picture of my 5th child. Neil Armstrong. He was born 20 July 1969, the exact moment of the landing on the moon. Our pictures were in papers all over the world. The nurses names him. Neil is a corporate attorney for a rather large prestigious law firm. Pictured is Neil, wife Tiffany, son Spencer 8, daughter Abby 6, and daughter Annalisa 3.

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This is Ashlee Carolynn   and my horse Buddy. Her father is Joel, my second child and first son.






This is Joel's second and last child, Brianna Elizabeth, at Silverwood theme park north of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho with  Ciara, Ashlee, and Grandma .

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Victoria.jpg (17869 bytes) This is my sixth child, Delmar Kevin. These are his children, Delmar Jr and Victoria Kimberlytfamailie. b. Mar. 2001. She's adorable.


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EMAIL ME: ENVELOPE.GIF (200 bytes) Visit my remarkable grandmother's page: GRANDMOTHER'S PAGE