Old Satan learned from his very first lie,
ďEat of the forbidden fruit and you wonít die
That Mankindís more prone to hear and obey
His lies than all the Truths God has to say.

  And he found in me, for too many years,
A fool with a pair of attentive ears
Until one day I came to realize
The things he told me were every one lies:

  ďDenying yourself doesnít make much sense;
Donít you know that sin has no consequence?
Even if it did, you only hurt you
And no one else with sinful deeds you do.

  ďIt really doesnít matter how you live,
All things in life are only relative;
There is no such thing as truth absolute;
And itís in monkeys mankind has its root.

  ďIf it makes you feel good, it canít be wrong;
You wonít be addicted; youíre much too strong;
So take a snort, or a puff, or a swig;
Everyoneís doing it; donít be a prig.

  ďItís only what you do, not what you thought,
Thatís wrong, and then only if you get caught;
And you are much too shrewd to be found out;
Besides, all laws were made for men to flout.

  ďSundayís the only day you have for rest,
So stay home today, I strongly suggest;
Your presence in church every now and then
Is all God requires to pardon your sin.

  ďIt doesnít matter what you may believe,
Even something you let your mind conceive,
As long as you have faith, without a doubt,
That the thing you believe will come about.

  ďTithing is not something you have to do;
Itís in the Old Testament, not the New;
And it isnít a commandment, anyway,
That believers are required to obey.

  ďItís never your fault whenever you fail;
Itís others who cause you not to prevail;
Errors are something you never make;
Youíre much too perfect to make a mistake.

ďBe unforgiving when you have been wronged;
Teach the offender with a grudge prolonged;
And even better is getting revenge
On all who on your happiness infringe.

  ďCompared to others, youíre not so bad,
In fact, your goodness probably makes God glad;
Oh, you may falter sometimes, in moments rare;
But youíre human, and itís human to err.

  ďWhy should you proclaim Christ from door to door,
Or clothe the naked one, or feed the poor,
Or pray for lost souls and our nation too?
These are what the preacher is paid to do.

  ďItís all right to gossip someoneís mistakes,
Even if it causes griefís and heartaches
And splits congregations and homes in two,
As long as what you tell on them is true.

  ďYou are captain of your own destiny;
You sink or swim on your ability;
You earned all you have with your might and wit,
Without any help, not even one whit.

  ďIf you insist on believing, be smart,
Go at it with only half of your heart;
If you go to church more than once a week,
Youíre risking being called a Jesus freak.

  ďItís no sin to cast an admiring eye
At a buxom beauty who happens by,
And let it linger on her for a while,
Generating visions that make you smile.

  ďWhy bother to say your prayers every day?
You seldom know all the right things to say;
And Heís failed to answer more than few
Exactly the way you wanted Him to.

  ďYou wonít go to Heaven one day to live;
Your sins are too great for God to forgive;
His arm of grace is too short to reach you;
So keep on serving me your whole life through.

  Although by Satan I often was deceived,
Thankfully, not all his lies I believed;
But I was fooled enough to minimize
My Christian witness in other folksí eyes.

  My advise to all whoíre still in your youth,
Fill heart and mind with Godís eternal truth,
And ignore Satan, heíll tell you more lies
And tempt you until he makes you his prize.

©2008 J. G. Braddock Sr.

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