Kenny Lide's Glove

Jack Flanders obtained from Barbara Lide, on the sly, the glove Kenny wore playing for Cheraw High School and a photo of Kenny from his youth to go in a well crafted display case he was making.  He asked me to write a poem about the glove to go in the case. I didn't think I could do it , but I did. One day while Kenny, Jack, and I were doing some work in the church's Fellowship Hall, Jack hung it on the wall when Kenny wasn't looking. We then waited, and waited, and waited to see Kenny's reaction when he saw it. We watched him for at least ten minutes stand near the wall, pointing within two to three feet of the case as he explained to us what should be done in painting the wall. Suddenly he said, "What's a baseball glove doing in . . . hey, that's my glove!" The picture of him holding the case was taken immediately afterward. What appears to be a ball in glove is actually reflection of the camera's flash.

Below are images of the items Jack included in the case in smaller size except for the poem. I left it full size so that it would be readable.