I am a descendant of John Alexander "Dutch" Braddock and his wife Sarah Jane Haddock. My grandmother, Mamie Higginbotham Shaw, was their granddaughter. Here are some of the many photos I found in Grandma's collection after she died. All but a few in the photos are descendants of Dutch and Sarah Jane.

Grandma's collection included 44 pictures of people I have not been able to identify, but I'm sure most of them are of other descendants. I put them on another web page in hopes viewers will be able to identify them: 

I would appreciate your comments and questions.

           Kay Griffin:


John A. "Dutch" Braddock. The others are his mother Louanza Elizabeth Higginbotham Braddock, his daughter Emma Elizabeth Braddock Higginbotham, her daughter Sarah Jane (Jennie) Higginbotham Braddock (later Jones and Green) and Jennie's son Cecil.
Included in Grandma's collection was John A. "Dutch" Braddock's obituary. It is too lengthy to include in entirety here. However, some statements in it, which tell far more about the man than a photo could ever reveal, is worth repeating here:

"We have never known a better man nor a better citizen than John A. Braddock. He stood for what was right and as citizen of this Commonwealth we risk nothing in saying no influence could have been brought to bear upon him that would have induced him to swerve from the path of rectitude or do anything contrary to the best interest of his fellow men. He was on the right side of every moral and civic question and stood foursquare against everything that was wrong. He was obedient to the law, he owed no man anything except to love him and his influence was felt far and wide. Now that he is gone his children and grandchildren, neighbors and friends, rise up to call him blessed. It was as a Christian however that he stood out more conspicuously and was most influential."

L. to R.: Edwin Elvin Braddock, Clyde Braddock, Ray Braddock, Kenny Braddock, Arthur Schroblack, 
Edwin A. Braddock Sr., Charlotte Libby Braddock,  Virginia Belle Vanzant Braddock, Johnnie Braddock, 
Mrs. Schroblack, Sarah Haddock Braddock, John Arthur Braddock, Rosa Braddock

Sarah Jane Haddock Braddock

Sarah & Emma Elizabeth

John Arthur Braddock

Virginia Vanzant Braddock

Virginia Belle Vanzant/
John Arthur Braddock

L. to R. Front: Clyde Braddock, Arthur Schroback, Ray Braddock
Back: Kenny Braddock, John Arthur Braddock, Elvin Braddock

Emma Elizabeth Braddock Higginbotham

Emma Elizabeth Braddock Higginbotham, her daughter, Mamie Higginbotham Shaw, her daughter, Mamie Shaw Griffin (later Roberts), and, her daughter, Me, Kay Elizabeth Griffin.

Joseph S. Mizell

Jessie Higginbotham

Jessie Higginbotham

Alton Higginbotham

Addie Gresham / Joseph Brown

Kate Higginbotham Sanders

Mary Etta Braddock

Mary Etta Braddock/Wade Hampton Edmondson

Doris Edmondson

Cleo Etta Edmondson 

?Edmondson child?

?Edmondson child?

Richard Higginbotham and wife?

Richard Higginbotham

Richard Higginbotham

Richard Higginbotham and wife?

Richard Higginbotham

Richard Higginbotham

Wilton Braddock

L. to R, Back: Katie Lee, Emma Elizabeth, Front: Bernard Leslie, John McCray, Leona. All Higginbothams

L. to R. Mamie Higginbotham Shaw, Emma Higginbotham Sturgis, Bernard Leslie Higginbotham, Sarah Jane Higginbotham Braddock Jones Green, Katie Lee Higginbotham Probasco, Emma E. Haddock Higginbotham, Geneva Higginbotham Griffin. Leona Higginbotham Jones, John McCray Higginbotham, Rufus Higginbotham

D. C. Layton


John McCray Higginbotham

Margaret Lang Hicks

Caroline Abigail Sikes Higginbotham

Back Row: Katie, Bessie.  
Front row: Bernard, Johnny, Leona  Higginbotham

Rose, Clifford and Myrtle Braddock Ida Haddock Ella Jones Malachi Higginbotham
G. C. Layton GC Layton and Alva Shaw Eula Layton and Alva Shaw