Not all poems are inspired by pleasant events. The following was inspired by my mother’s fifty-four years of grieving over the loss of my ten month old sister June who died August 6, 1934.


Few folks remember very clear
The storm of yesterday,
Yet we declare the rainbow dear
That faded fast away;
We seldom note the bush that grows
Beside the garden wall,
Yet, last spring it wore a rose
We vividly recall;
We saw in momentary flight
An eagle in the sky—
Though years ago, that lovely sight
Still thrills our inner eye;
While falling star and setting sun
Bring glory to the skies,
Their splendor has its total run
Before our spellbound eyes;
The dew that makes each morning glow
Has come and gone by noon;
Each matchless flake of falling snow
Dissolves away too soon.

The Rare, the Best, the Unsurpassed,
That make our lives sublime,
Each seem to be ordained to last
For much too brief a time;
Perhaps they're here so short a while
Because, from Heaven's Throne,
God sees in them a cause to smile
And claims them as his own.

If this be true, then well I know
My child has found her place
Among delights that cast their glow
Before the Throne of Grace;
And if she brings to Heaven's strand
The joys she brought to me,
Her being there will make that land
A place more Heavenly.

Sometime the grief of missing her
Seems more than I can bear;
Ever present reminders stir
Heartaches that drive me to despair;
Yet in these times of deep distress,
A question comes within:
Would life contain more happiness
If she had never been?
In pondering to answer best,
I search and find with ease
Within my heart a treasure chest
Of precious memories;
As one by one I count their worth,
The answer comes to me:
Though short her time she made this earth
A better place to be;
And suddenly I'm reconciled
That life is still sublime—
Praise God for such a special child!
Though fleeting was her time.

  © J. G. Braddock Sr.

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