Of all the men throughout history born,
Judas is by far the man men most scorn
Because of the dastardly deed by him done
In betraying Godís sinless Son
For thirty coins; yet with shame I must confess
That I have betrayed Him for lessómuch less;
Judas betrayed Him only once, no moreó
My betrayals have been by the score;
And I know moreómuch moreó than Judas knew
Of wonderful things that afterwards came true.
Of how on the Cross Christ paid the price of sin,
Then conquered death by rising again;

So who am I that I should condemn
Judas and point an accusing finger at him;
My many sins were against Godís will,
Not his one, he had a role to fulfill
In bringing to Earth Godís wondrous plan
For the salvation of sinful man.


©2010 J. G. Braddock Sr.

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