John Henry was Born December 31, 1875 in Jonesboro, Georgia. He married first Annie Leola Hunt 11 Oct 1903 in White Springs, Florida. They had Henry Clinton "Buck." Annie died 22 Jan 1907. John Henry then married Pressie Stewart. They had William Rufus, known as W. R., and Frank Carl. John Henry died 2 Aug 1929.

He is the only child of William Rufus Wood and Amy Jane Willingham I did not know as he died before I was born.


John Henry and 
Pressie Wood

John Henry's child by Annie Leola Hunt:

Henry Clinton "Buck"
He was born 16 Aug 1905 in White Springs, Florida. He married Grace Estelle Peterson 19 May 1928. They had Ann, Henry Clinton Jr., and Robert. After Grace died, Buck remarried, but I don't have her name. I don't know when Buck died,

I remember Uncle Buck--I always called him Uncle Buck although he was only a cousin-- visiting at Olaís and at Eddie's several times. On at least one of those occasions he had with him his wife Grace and their two children, Annie and Clinton. I remember Annie having reddish hair and Clinton having blonde, curly hair. Buck always had a smile and something upbeat to say.

In the early 50ís I was chief clerk at Koppers, a wood treating company in Charleston. Buck was a timber inspector. On rare occasions he would come up to Charleston to inspect some treated material. He would always come by my house and chat awhile. He brought Grace with him once. Her name was appropriateófrom what I saw of her, she was a graceful and gentle person.

I last saw Buck in recent years when JoAnn and I went by his house in Jacksonville to pick his brain about Daddy after we struck out at John K.ís house. Buck and his new wifeóI donít remember her nameóhad just returned from a trip to the Holy Land where he had been baptized in the Jordan River. He had an armís-length stack of pictures taken on the trip and a story to go with each. We left with only the new knowledge that he and Daddy had bummed their way to Jacksonville from Greenville, FL to find work in the late 1920ís.

Henry Clinton and Grace Wood's three children: from Left to right: Robert, Annie, and Henry Clinton Jr.

John Henry's children by Pressie Stewart:

William Rufus "W. R."
Although I don't remember ever seeing W. R. and his brother Frank, I heard there names spoken often by my grandmother Ola. She had baby pictures of them. I vaguely remember Ola telling about lightning striking while W. R. and Frank were playing in a puddle and there having to be "Put under the pipes," her terminology for being given oxygen.

W. R. Wood and his wife.

Frank Carl
He was born 30 May 1921. He married Lucelle (spelled correctly) Sandiford 25 May 1941. They had Rosalyn Francene, Cynthia Charlene, and Frank Carl Jr.