Shortly after Hugo hit, I drove to Folly Beach to see how much damage Hugo inflicted on my mother's house, which was quite a bit. Here are some of the pictures I took while on the island.
J. G. (Jerry) Braddock Sr.


Hugo 1

Hugo 14
This entire bathroom was ripped off a house and left sitting almost in the middle of East Artic Street.
Notice the towel and roll of toilet paper still on the wall.


Hugo 3

Hugo 4

Hugo 5

Hugo 6

Hugo 7

Hugo 21
The dock at Mariner's Cay viewed form the bridge. Hugo 9, to the left is a closer view of the devastation around the dock

Hugo 8

Hugo 9

Hugo 10

Hugo 11

Hugo 16
Not the hand painted sign in front of the house. 
It says, 

Hugo 12

Hugo 13

Hugo 15

Hugo 17

Hugo 22
After seeing the unbelievable devastation on the way back from the refuge we took up-state to our home West of the Ashley, we at the same time felt glad and sad, glad to see what ended up as being only $500 worth of damage to our house and very sad, and a little guilty, that so many others weren't so fortunate.

Hugo 18

Hugo 19


Hugo 20