This is my Home page. It is not my Internet home page. That page is at: J. G. Braddock's home page . This is the Home page on which to share words having a home has inspired me to write. The home, the first institution ordained by God, is the most important structure on Earth. It is the abode of family. He intended home and family to be a child's first church,  in which God's ways are taught and He is worshiped.  Home also should be  a child's first  school in which self discipline and respect for others is taught. The lowest common denominator of any successful society is not the individual, it is the family.


Family was instituted by God's decree,
To be His breeding place of peace and harmony,
To be His crucible for better world's to be,
To be His launching pad to eternity.

Family is where all life and learning begin;
All healthy societies around it spin;
Products of a loving one almost always win
Against life's adversities and the sway of sin.

Family, in the truest meaning of the word,
Is where prayers and the Bible's truths are heard,
Where righteousness, not earthly treasures, is preferred,
Where hearts for higher, nobler callings are stirred.


When the toils and undertakings
Of day at last are done,
When evening skies are growing dark
Behind the setting sun,
I turn my thoughts to family
And soon am homeward bound;
My footsteps hurry to that place
Where love and joy are found.

It may not be a mansion fair,
This house thatís home to me,
Nor is it filled with spacious rooms
Arrayed in finery,
But I still feel that royalty
Within its walls abide,
For when I enter it I find
A regal air inside.

And we join our hands together
And lift our eyes above
In prayers of praise and gratitude
For Godís unfailing love,
And we join our wills together
Like stones within a wall,
Steadfast before adversities
And griefs that may befall.

And we think of Christ our Savior
And filled with shame are we
When we recall that for our sins
He suffered Calvary ,
And we think of grace abounding,
Poured out from Heavenís throne,
And we pledge to strive unceasing
To make Godís will our own.

A house is made of wood and glass
And paint and nails and stone;
A home is made of sweat and tears
And blood and flesh and bone;
A home is love; A home is hope;
A home is family;
It is the Master's crucible
For better world's to be.


I hoped in days of yore
To marry a girl who was a prize;
But, I married much moreó
A marvelous angel in disguise.
Our homeís no mansion, by far,
No castle arrayed in finery;
But, wherever you are
Is like being in heaven to me.
And, Dear, Iíll never roam;
The place in which we live canít be beat;
I call it ďHome, Sweet, Home;Ē
And youíre the sugar that makes it sweet.

The place we call home is the place for me;
There is not a sweeter place I could be;
And from your side, Iíd be a fool to roam;
Youíre the sugar that makes home Home Sweet Home.

  With you, I want to while my years away,
Whether in a shack, shanty, or chalet,
Or an igloo somewhere way north of Nome;
Youíre the sugar that makes home Home Sweet Home.

  If I made a list of the reasons why
Youíve made of me such a contented guy,
It would easily fill a good-sized tome;
Youíre the sugar that makes home Home Sweet Home.

Our House
When I canít control my feet
From moving to a happy beat
As they hurry down the street,
I know Iím bound for our house.
When I find a lovely grin
Thatís glad to see my face again,
When Iím kissed as I come in,
I know that Iím at our house.
Although our rugs are very small,
And carpets, we have none at all,
Love extends from wall to wall
In every room of our house.
Hoping hopes and dreaming dreams
And coming up with fancy schemes
Arenít considered as extremesó
They can come true at our house.
When I hear in thankful tone
Praises aimed at Heavenís Throne
For the blessings we have known,
Iím glad I live at our house.


What are windows all about?
She said for looking out;
I said for looking in;
I asked, with a wondering grin,
What she saw from inside;
Unhesitating, she replied,
ďI see the works some shining knight
Has done to fill my life with light:
A castle wall with sturdy gates
Keeping out lifeís fears and hates,
A palace garden all arrayed
With splendid scenes his hands have madeó
A million treats out there abide
That make me glad I live inside.Ē

Finishing, she turned to me,
ďLooking in, what do you see?Ē
Said I, ďA warm and cozy nest,
A hearth with caring surely blest,
Walls that ring with laughterís sound,
Rooms where joys, not woes abound,
A welcome place where best friends live,
An atmosphere most positive,
Love and hope and family;
The crucible of better worlds to be;
But best of all, to be true,
I see happiness; I see you.Ē


The sofa at our house is second hand;
Our TV is a discontinued brand;
We purchased the dining room table used;
Our carpet is so old it looks abused;
Our sheets are so thin theyíre almost worn through
But love at our house is ever brand-new.
The washer at our house balks under strain;
Our roof sometimes leaks whenever thereís rain;
The top dresser drawer wonít stay on its track;
The air conditioner is out of whack;
Keeping things working has kept us in debt;
But love at our house has never failed yet.
The pantry at our house often is bare,
But we give thanks for whatever is there;
Our menu wasnít taken from the Ritz
Unless they serve home-made biscuits and grits;
We may go hungry, but never for love,
Itís one necessity we have lots of.


It was backbones unwavering
That stood against a tyrant king
And made this land of which we sing,
From coast to coast with freedom ring.
In spite of doubts, hardships, and fears
Of dangers rife in hostile spheres,
Backbones in form of pioneers
Extended west our landís frontiers.
And backbones joined in one accord
Stood firm against the Axis horde
Until victory we had scored
And peace unto our land restored.
Down through the years weíve had unrest,
Divisions, strifes, and times depressed
But through them all our land was blessed
With backbones equal to each test.
But now I wonder in dismay,
When this land of ours I survey,
Where are the backbones of today?
Why are they fading fast away?
One answer comes, and one alone,
For why our land is spineless prone:
True backbones are all homegrown,
And love of home has all but flown;
And in most families of today,
With moms and dads too much away
In quest of wealth for mere display,
Backbones to lesser traits give way.
Home, in truest sense of the word,
Is where noble ways are stirred,
Where steadfastness is seen and heard,
Where right, not riches, is preferred,
And where is taught: though all else fail,
When foes or misfortunes assail,
All who of Heavenís strength avail
Shall ever in the end prevail.


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