Recently, someone in our Sunday School class commented about the sudden upsurge in popularity of Irving Berlin's God Bless America, one of my patriotic favorites, especially Kate Smith's rendition. I replied that we should be singing "God has blessed America." One of our members, knowing I sometimes am inspired to rhyme, insisted I write a poem expressing that thought. I laughed at her suggestion as my talent is far too meager for me to be able to write a poem on demand. Still, my sub-conscious gnawed, like a dog on a bone, on the challenge, and in three days I came up with the following:


"God Bless America,"
Expressed in song, for decades long
Has been our earnest plea;
Should not our song, in voices strong,
To Him unceasing be,
"God Has Blessed America,"
And sung from bended knee?

This Land we love is not
By accident, but Heaven-sent,
Its frame God did ordain;
His hand’s imprint is evident
In coast and hill and plain;
God has blessed America;
Let this be our refrain.

He has stood beside us,
In every fight with arms and might
And wit not ours alone;
From Heaven’s height He’s seen our plight
And made our cause His own;
God has blessed America;
Let us this truth make known.

With light from above,
He lets us see the liberty
His truths applied obtained;
He’s kept us free of tyranny,
And fear has never reigned;
God has blessed America;
Let praise be unrestrained.

There is no sweeter home;
Should not we raise our songs in praise
Of His unfailing care
And for the ways He fills our days
With gifts beyond compare?
God has blessed America;
Our thanks we should declare.

How dare we ask for more;
When we’ve forgot our envied lot
As God’s most favored land
And notice not that all we’ve got
Was given from His hand;
God has blessed America—
Why can’t we understand?

                2002 J. G. Braddock Sr.

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