Following are old family photos from an album passed down to me. Some or from my mother's side: Crandalls and Braddocks. Others are from my father's side" Folkers and Newells

James Folker:

James E. Folker Sr. in the Navy in 
World War II

James E. Folker Sr. in the Navy in 
World War II

James E. Folker Sr.'s honorable discharge

James E. Folker Sr' 32nd Degree Mason

Jimmy Folker on baseball team in CCC camp

James, Daddy, Bill Feeny 1975

Charles H. and Missouri Folker

James E. And Mary Jackson Folker

James E. Folker funeral card11

Mary Jackson Folker birthday photo

Edward Jackson Folker

John Andrew Folker (left), father 
of Shirley Carter

Shirley Carter, Mary J. Folker, 
Oliver (r), And his son James (l)

Julia Folker Hodges as a 
young woman

Julia Folker Hodges
daughter of James E.

Octavious Ebenezer Folker

John A. and Annie
Amason Jackson

Ebenezer Francis Newell (Rev)

Col. Ebenezer Francis Newell

Crandall's wedding 

Frank and Ola Crandall 1940s

Ola Braddock Crandall grandmother

Frank R.

Aunt Gussie

Aunt Ruby

Aunt Ruby fishing

Aunt Ruby with Minnie Gardner and man

Aunt Ruby, Minnie Gardner
and big fish

Aunt Ruby, Uncle Svend
and Catherine

Uncle Svend in dapper attire

Crandall Houston and Ola Earle and
Donnie Hugh Crandall

Mama and baby Catherine



Ola at 400 Restaurant 1945

Braddock boys with dog