Edward Lewis Wood was born 28 Sep 1878. Everyone called him Ed. He married Annette Feagan. Everyone called her Net. They has six children: Amy Jane, Wanda Lorie, Doris Evelyn, Mary Agnes, and twins Annette Lois, and William Lewis Jr.

My Braddocks are greatly indebted to Uncle Ed Wood. My grandfather, James Owen Braddock, who was married to Ed's sister Ola, contracted TB in his early 40s and had to quit work. Uncle Ed, who was still single and who had already taken in his nephew Clinton "Buck" Wood, took in James Owen and Ola and their two unmarried children: my father Arnold and his brother Eddie. The 1920 Dowling Park, Florida census reflects this. All Ed's children grew up to be as generous as he was. 

I didn't know Uncle Ed until about 1935, shortly after my father died. My brother and I were living with Grandma Ola in a narrow two room house on the west side of Buckman Street, the second house from 7th Street. Ed, Net, and their six children moved into an identical house across the yard from Ola's. It still amazes me that eight people could sleep in a small two room house.


Edward Lewis Wood

Children of Edward Lewis Wood and Annette Feagin

Amy Jane
Amy was born 10 Sep 1921 in Dowling Park, Florida. She married three time, first to a Blankenship (first name not known), by whom she had Anthony Allen Blankenship. She married secondly to a Hallman (first name not known), by whom she had Marian Lucy, Sandra Ann, and Vickie Lynn. She married thirdly to a Rich (first name not known), by whom she had Patsy Ruth, Candace Darlene, and Levi Henry.
Wanda Lorie
She was born 14 Nov 1923 in Greenville, Florida. She married Carl Lavern "Bud" Durbin. They had Carl Lee Durbin.

Wood sisters except Amy.
Agnes, Boots, Bo, and Wanda

Doris Evelyn "Bo"
She was born 19 Mar 1926. She married four times, first to James Davis Norris, second to Charles E. Johnson, third to Herbert William Savage, and fourth to Revedy Orvel "Doodle" Delahunt. Before she died in the early 2000s, I visited Bo in Jacksonville, Florida on several occasions. She went to a lot of trouble to collect information and pictures on not only her Branch of the tree, but also on some of the others.
Mary Agnes
She was born 30 Nov 1928 in Greenville, Florida. She married three times, first to Jacob Reba Monroe. They had June Eileen. She married Louie Mosey Morris. They had Victor Allen. She married a Hewitt.
Annette Lois "Boots"
A twin, she was born 28 Dec 1930 in Greenville, Florida. She married Jim O'Brien,
William Lewis Jr. "Buddy"
A twin, he was born 28 Dec 1930 in Greenville, Florida. A member of the U. S. Army, he was killed in combat in Korea 3 Sep 1950 at the age of 19.


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