With heavy gale and raveled sail you cam
Lighting embers with your gentle touch
Dancing the liquid glitter of moon at play
Whistling to dolphins the nightingale’s song

Now back you tack to that land of dreams
There where the sea is lost in the sky
Finding your way with points of light
You fade from my world in your rested ship

Joy and happiness will follow your smile
Feathered shadows will search in vain
Nights will grow silent and dark
Leaving the wind to sing your name

Lonely drifts the slivered moon
Warm the enfolding darkness
There, where the night birds croon

Born of ocean’s breath on high
Tumbling down the hollow sky
Reading our dreams along the way
Finding voice in a frolicking spray
You sing your siren’s song

Hotdam!  Summer’s a-comin’ to the Valley
Days are longer and nights no release
With dust from the desert a-wallin’ from the east
Not on tiny feet of cats, you see
But thunder-footed bolts of elec-trici-ty
Sparkin’ the forest to flames
And several other hellish games
Just a-addin’ to the heat
Cookin’ tar in the street
Burnin’ skin off your feet
Sproutin’ a rash on your ash
And the need for relief
‘Cause nobody strolls in the noon-day sun
‘Cept the maddest of dogs and an Ari-zoni-an
Hotdam!  Summer’s a-comin’ to the Valley

* The Phoenix area is locally known as “the Valley.”  References to cats feet and mad  dogs allude to two very famous poems, by Sandburg and Kipling, real poets

Wear zori
Eat Namako
Play pachinko
Sing Kimigayo
So what
Throw roasted beans
Climb Mount Koya
Worry juzu
Chant sutras
So what

Observe O-Higan
Perform misogi
Summon Kami
Still Amaterasu hides
Nothing changes

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