Braddick mentions in the

Diary of Joshua Hempstead of New London


Joshua Hempstead faithfully kept his diary from September 8, 1711 to November 3, 1758. The diary’s preface says of him: “Its author was a remarkable man—one that might serve to represent, or at least illustrate, the age, country and society in which he lived. The diversity of his occupations marks a custom of the day; he was at once farmer, surveyor, house and ship carpenter, attorney, stonecutter, sailor and trader. He generally held three or four town offices; was justice of the peace, judge of probate, executor of various wills, overseer to widows, guardian to orphans, member of all committees, everybody's helper and adviser, and cousin to half of the community.”

Google Books has an Internet version of the diary at Diary of Joshua Hempstead that can be easily searched for given names. Otherwise, its 750 pages are a tough read as Hempstead strung together one entry after another instead of using an orderly scheme. And it doesn’t help that he used spellings and abbreviations that he apparently invented as he went along.  Still, if you want to know how things were in early Colonial times, the diary is worth browsing through. His entry for December 1, 1718 is a good example of how the sanctity of marriage was viewed almost three centuries ago:


 Wm Blogget of Plainfield being Convicted of Adultry with the wife of Lt Timothy Pierce was whipt 25 Stripes & Branded on ye forehead wth A & a halter put on his neck yr to Remain forever


Hempstead was a contemporary of Captain John Braddick and from the number of entries, over 50, mentioning the Captain and his family members, the two men were close acquaintances. This is not surprising as Captain Braddick made frequent trips to New London, 30 miles across New England Sound, on business and to visit two of his children, Captain John Henry Braddick and Abigail Braddick Coit who resided in the town. Several of the Braddick entries coincide with incidences recorded in other historical records.

Following, in chronological order, are the entries mentioning Captain Braddick and his family. I have added insertions in red type to some of the entries in an effort to make them a little more understandable:  

September 8: Arrived Braddick in New London from Albany.  

June 1: Braddick arrived in New London from Long Island.
July19: Braddick arrived in New London.

June 16:
Braddick arrived in New London from Boston

June 16: I bought 1 В. В. [barrel] Tallow of Capt Braddick for 7^d per Ib. I paid him 145 & ordered ye [the] produce of ye [the] Rum.
June 25: 335 [received] on Braddicks acctt paid his Rectt [?].
August 2: In Town with Braddick & Jno Christophers & T Harris who came from Long Island yesterday.
November 6: Braddick arrived in New London from Long Island.

March 6: Braddick arrived in New London from Southold.
March 10: Braddick departed New London for Boston.
May 5: Braddick arrived in New London from Boston.

May 8: I was a helping Launch Braddicks Sloop at Poquayaug [Poquott, Long Island].

December 14: I Received of Capt Shack maple for Capt Braddick £143 2s od? in bills & 100 [ ]? Silver.

June 10: Braddick Come in & brother Patty with him.

November 19: I came from Southold with Capt Braddick to Saybrook.

December 21:
I put 1000 of oak boards on Board of Capt Braddick for Robert.

March 21: Jo Coit & Braddick Junr Sayld [sailed] from New London.

May 15: Jno Braddick and Lucretia Christophers publisht [published-announced engagement].
August 29: In the morn I went to Nathll? to See him his wife & Child & Abigail & take Boat with Capt Braddick for Long Island.
September 6:
Thos Latham Launched his Brigg [brigantine] about 100 Tun [tons] for Capt Braddick & Mumford her mast Standing & Rigged.

February 20: Braddicks Sloop Sayled [sailed] about 9 or 10 o’Clock.
December 22: I was all day at Dea.[Deacon] Greens with Braddick and Ledgard.

March 16:
Jno Braddick Sayled [sailed] last Tuesday.
June 8: There is a Dead man took up to day in the mill Coave near Mr Chris Wharf, his name was George Hill a Glover by Trade about 25 year old an old England man came last from N. York & was on Board Braddicks Sloop monday was at Sennet at night on Tuesd Suposed to be drownded in the night there.

April 9: News of Braddicks Sloop.

November 23: I came home & John &c in Braddicks Boat.

May 7: Jno [Henry] Braddick a Son Babtizd John.
August 5: Mr Hallam from Boston came to Newburg per Braddick [could be John or his son John Henry, also a mariner].

September 20:
Jno Braddick arrived in 20 days from West Indies brings news that Stephen is Coming home by the Way of Boston Sayled [sailed] the Same day they did.

February 16:
the News of Capt Jno Braddick being murdered on his voyage from Madara [Madeira] by an Indian Man & his Mate named Wittness & a boy.

March 15: a Negro Child of Mr John Henry
Braddicks died Wednsday last.

January 21: Negro Woman of John Henry
Braddicks buried died last night.
February 2: 
An Infant Negro the Child of Mr John Henry Braddicks wench buried.
September 12, 1737:
Jno Henry Braddicks Child about [ ]? yrs old Died.

December [exact date not given]: Ms Mary Cutler
Braddick of Southold Died here ys [this] week buried yesterday aged about 60.

July 23:
Carted 2 Loads Hay Ms Lucretia Christophers Braddick.

December 4:
Child of John Henry Braddicks 4 mo old died. [Actually died at birth and was not given a name.]
December 5: Braddicks Son buried in ye [the] Evening.

September 25: Richard Coit & Ab.
Braddick published [engagement announced].

February 5:
a Child of Mr John Henry]Braddicks about 6 or 7 years old (Lucretia) was buried, died yesterday of the Canker.

September 26: John Henry
Braddick arrived in New London from Barbados.

August 30:
John Crocker aged 30 odd Died towards night with the yellow fevar. He Sayled [sailed] out with Capt Jno Henry Braddick last winter & was taken near Jamaica, after a great deal of dificulty got home about 2 months ago & Sick ever Since.

March 22: Yesterday in the afternoon Ms Lucretia
Braddick wife of Capt John Henry Braddick Died very Sundenly being as well as usual in the morning & taken with a great pain above one of her Eyes and Instantly complained that Death hath Seized her & Spoke but little & very proper to the ocasión in a few minnits was Speechless…

January 7:
Att night att Capt John Henry Bradicks wth the Civil authority Selectmen &c Choosing Taverners & Jurymen. [Apparently, John Henry Braddick’s house was a meeting place for the town governing body]

July 2:
A negro Child of Capt John Henry Braddicks buryed.
December 7:
I went into Town with Thos fanning of Norwich to take Capt John Henry Braddicks Evidence.
December 9: The Govr Dept Govr Colin Bulkley & Colin Hunting & Colin Saltonstall the Counsel are Sitting att John Henry Braddicks on the Spanish affair. [In the incident referred to as “the Spanish affair,” a harbor pilot tried to wreck a Spanish vessel on the rocks while escorting her into New London’s harbor. The purpose for the attempt was to be able to claim the vessels cargo under salvage laws that existed then.]

January 12:  Capt John Henry Braddock Died wth the galluping Consumption Some Call itt. Sick but a few weeks aged 50 odd.
January 14: I went to the funeral of John Henry Braddick.
December 2: Jno Bradick [son of John Henry] & Pegee [Peggy] Douglass published [engagement announced].

September 24
a Negro Child of Natt Coits wive’s—buryed. it was Capt John Henry Braddicks.
September 30:
Henry Braddick [son of John Henry] buryed Sunday Eve.

January 6: I went to John Braddicks where the Civil authority Selectmen Grand jurymen & Constables &c were met to attend the work of the day.

April 29: I was in Town att a Special Court held att Braddicks by Justice Richd Lord of Lyme & Justice Simeon Miner of Stonington to Discharge John Shaw of N London from the Goal he being a Listed Soldier & put in for Debt,

February 15: I was in Town at Braddicks with the Civil authority &c most of the day to Advise about Bad Husbands &c.
February 23: in the afternoon I Rid into Town to Braddicks where Justice Coit & adams & all the Selectmen were assembled to advertise & admonish a Dozn of our Inhabitants Complained of for Idleness & bad Husbandry &c.
August 26: I went up to Braddicks Lot to agree upon the Damage Done by my oxen this aftern in his Corn .

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