There’s a hole in Northbridge not there before,
For Bert Norman has left us for Heaven’s shore;
He’s gone up there to claim his well-earned crown
And to prove you can’t keep a good man down;
When measured in height, he may have been small;
But measured in heart, he was at least ten feet tall;
And although his voice could barely be heard,
His deeds spoke much louder than mere words;
No task was too challenging for him to undertake;
To him, the hardest of jobs was a ‘piece of cake.’
And he relished the fellowship we old guys enjoyed
While at the church in some project employed;
We never heard him of his health problems complain,
For he was a master at concealing discomfort and pain;
But now from life’s afflictions he at last is free;
Instead, he knows the joys of immortality.
He left to us who knew him lots of stories to tell
Of how as an expert craftsman he did excel,
But the things he left us that we’ll ever recall
Is to get up and keep going whenever we fall,
When in adversity, to always play the man,
And to show gratitude in every way we can.

  If to us mere mortals the truth were fully known
Of why God summoned Bert before his throne,
We’d know Heaven needed some repairs only an expert could make,
And He knew that to Bert they’d all be ‘a piece of cake.’