Paint a Cross on Calvary
In ruthless hues of cruelty;
Apply the colors harsh and cold;
With heavy strokes, portray it bold.

Dip the brush in black of sin,
The darkest stain thatís known of men;
Then smear it on that ugly Cross
Until it drips with vilest dross.

Dip again in Heavenís throne,
For there is foundóand there aloneó
The richest, freest crimson flow
That mortal men will ever know.

Pour it out upon sinís stain,
As from a Lamb thatís newly slain;
With loving hands that move with grace,
Paint over each condemning trace.

Paint once more with purest white,
The color of eternal light,
To give mankind a picture of
The finished work of Your great love.

©2008 by J. G. Braddock Sr.
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