Fifty years, Lord, Northbridge has proclaimed
To a lost world Your Gospel unashamed;
Our humble prayer for the years to come
Is that You make us one, completely one.
Make us one, Lord, in humility;
Open our eyes wide, allow us to see
How far short of Your glory we fall,
It is a wonder You use us at all.
Make us one, Lord, adorned as Your bride,
With You as our First Love, and none beside;
May the world, with its glitter and charms,
Never seduce us from Your loving arms.
Make us one, Lord, in wholeheartedness;
May we commit fully, and nothing less,
To give You, who gave Your all, our all
In our every endeavor, great or small.
Make us one, Lord, in the songs we sing;
Give us one voice with which to praise our King;
And may every note our lips impart
Be less from our lips and more from our heart.

Make us one, Lord, set our hearts on fire;
Fill us with an unquenchable desire
To lead every soul whoís gone astray
From Hellís wide path to Heavenís narrow way.
Make us one, Lord, may our oneness be
A perfect image, in every degree,
Of Your body in all things we do,
So that in Northbridge the world will see You.

Make us one, Lord, with one will alone:
Your will only and not those of our own;
Much too often were the times we failed
When our stubborn wills, Lord, not Yours, prevailed.
Make us one, Lord, in obedience
To Your commandments with desire intense,
Especially Your command to reach
Every nation and Your salvation teach.
Make us one, Lord, in our gratitude;
Give unto us a thankful attitude
For Your promise of Eternity
And for what it cost You on Calvary

Make us one, Lord, in Discipleship;
May Your written word be the only script
We follow in performing the roles
Youíve given to us in saving lost souls.
Make us one, Lord, a church of team players,
One body empowered through faith and prayers,
Many members fitly joined as one,
Ever striving to get lost sinners won.

Make us one, Lord, in our stewardship;
May our service to You be more than lip;
Help us to see that in Your wondrous way,
Whatever we give, Youíll more than repay.

  Make us one, Lord, doers of Your word,
Not hearers only, lest we sound absurd
By failing to practice what we preach
Through deeds that do not agree with our speech.
Make us one, Lord, give us faith, we plead,
Thatís at least as large as a mustard seed;
May we nurture it each day anew
Until we can move mountains, Lord, for You.
Fifty years, Lord, may seem a long time;
But, Lord, we are just now reaching our prime
In serving Youóweíve only just begun,
So our earnest prayer, Lord, is make us one.




Northbridge Baptist Church
Charleston, SC

J. G. Braddock Sr.


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